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Kingdom Hearts:  Eternal Destinies

A KH multi-author comic occuring during KH 1 and after KH 2. Author status: 6-8 spots open. Applicants must PM Rakshata with the following: Link to sprites A sample comic A paragraph saying why they want to join. He will later on decide whether they join or not. *Now officially accepting cameos* To be approved for a cameo, PM your sprites, along with a description of how you want your character to be used in the comic (optional), to Rakshata. NOTICE to any authors removed, if you want to apply for your position again, send Gamerguy101 a PM. For rules for authors, check the news.


Character Name:Animetal

Class:Azure Gunner-Fighter

Weapons:Big ass Gun, his fists and a cool attitude.

History:Animetal is the keeper of balance, and basically has to ensure the chosen ones don't die before their time.

Character name: Amber The Fox Girl
Class: Kayblade master
Weapons: A Blue Keyblade, will use hands when necessary
History: Amber was born in Twilight Town, but had to move when very young to The World That Never Was because of the heartless running amuck. Recieved Keyblade when there was a surprise visit from her cousin. Who also told her to go to Traverse Town.

Character name:Rakshata pural

Class:Sonic warrior

Weapon:Light katana

History: Rakshata pural was once the leader of many armys and in every major battle in earth's history. He origonally came from a peaceful world of Kerata nal, but when settlers arived about the same time as pilgrums hitting america, the island collasped and its people were sent spiraling into another land mass. Rakshata happend to land on america, and since he could live forever until killed by a huge univercal implosion, he grew up with it, helped it gain its independence and fought with it in both world wars. The only reason the earth was lost to the darkness was because the door was too far away for Rakshata to run to at 50 MPH to reach, and even if he did he would need to fight through millions of heartless and then fight the darkness that escaped from his body when his body became pure light. That also explains why he was forced to float in darkness, because he could not become a heartless. He was lucky that he was in time to meet Riku when he and Sora first found the secret place, he told Riku all about the other worlds, and that one day he might be able to open the door to the other worlds. But he also told Riku about the darkness and its dangers, apparently to no effect.

Character name:E.J.

Class:Keyblade master

Weapons:Soul Shredders (Dual-staff keyblades) Redwing (Keyblade)

History: E.J. is a dimentional traveler who goes from world to world to protect the innocent. He arrived in the KH universe, sensing a dark power. He arrived on the Destiny Islands, but although he could see no problems, he remained on the islands just in case. He became close friends with Sora, Riku, Kairi, ans well as Maya and Zack, who becames E.J.'s best friend and rival. He is dedicated to his friend, and can be a bit of a goofball, but he is tough and not easy to give up. He is willing to sacrifice anything to protect the people he cares about.


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